The sigma technology of the bellows pump

The sigma technology of the bellows pumpJapanese
Sigma Technology
Sigma Technology
The sigma technology of the bellows pump
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Sigma Technology Inc.
1-11-29 Sotono Hitachinaka-city Ibaraki Pref.
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Representative Director, Yoshiaki Tachibana
Yoshiaki Tachibana
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The majority of product manufactured by Sigma Technology Co. Ltd., Bellows cylinder pump, is designed by new concept to apply customers' needs. The structure of pump is simple and it works at low pulsation , large flow rate and low vibration of pump .

Generally speaking, there are two methods for reciprocal motion of bellows, one is mechanical method using connected rods and the other is fluid method of the control of exchanging compressed air. "Traditional pumps "adopt mechanical method. In spite of merit , simple structure and easy assembling, a "NEW "pump by the latter method has not been produced for long time.

We have developed a "NEW" pump by new concept, and presented a proto- type air-driven bellows pump that work simply at exchange of compressed air which are controlled by electro-magnetic valves and twin timers.( Bellows Cylinder Pump; Registered pending) at November of 2007, and launched to sell at November of 2010.

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In addition to pumps, our experiments allow us to provide other in-house products such as ink jet heads , sanitary machines( False teeth cleaner using tap water and Mist creator for pasteurization and deodizing liquid , Haseppa-solution R), and contract products such as a defect inspection equipment for welded parts.

We are welcome to propose your new items.

Company profile
Company nameSigma-technology Inc.
EstablishedFebruary 8 2002
CapitalThree hundred yen
PresidentYoshiaki Tachibana
Location1-11-29 Sotono Hitachinaka-city Ibaraki Pref.
Postal code 312-0053
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Tel 81-29-275-0628
Fax 81-2929-275-0633
Contents of BusinessManufacturing of Pumps and related parts(in house)
Sanitary and related parts(in house)
Contract design and manufacturing of electric/mechanical equipments(contract)
Main products
Pump and related parts
Bellows cylinder pump(New)
Other products
Sanitary and related parts
False teeth cleaner (New)
Mist creator for pasteurization and deodizing liquid(New)
Contract design and manufacturing of electric/mechanical equipments
Defect inspection detector of Welded parts
Inkjet head and related parts (Piezo type)
Manufacture of Bellows pump case(cast iron), and nuts(PFA)
Bellows cylinder pump

Motion of bellows are controlled by compressed air using twin timer, followed by low pulsation of discharged liquid flow and vibration of the pump body at high frequency.

Max flow rate 15L/min
Air consummation rate 220NL/min
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Max flow rate 40L/min
Air consummation rate 470NL/min
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Max flow rate 60L/min
Air consummation rate 620NL/min
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